Oracle Nusantara Card

This is the digital form and English version of the Nusantara Oracle Card. the Nusantara Oracle Card is the first Indonesian-language Oracle card with a unique illustration of Indonesian culture.

Oracle cards are useful as Self Help tools with inspiration for positive improvement and change so that it can be said that Nusantara oracle cards are solution-oriented positive self-therapy tools.

This card reading is the result of a projection of the patterns and dynamics of the current subconscious that connects the advice and solutions of the Supreme Wisdom within oneself with questions, and problems faced.

Each card is full of meaning with solution-focused answers and positive, constructive solutions. Nusantara Oracle Cards is suitable for anyone who believes in the power of the inner Wisdom that resides in everyone’s unconscious, and wants to explore it for self-healing, progress and self-empowerment.

1 set consists of 44 cards, you can collect them all. After the purchase process, you will get unlockable content in the form of a pdf explanation of the card and instructions for positive affirmations.